Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ear Check

I have wanted this product since Jackson was about 1 year old. It checks to see if there is fluid in you baby's ear. It was around $50 when it first came out. Now that Abigail has already had an ear infection, it became more of a priority for us to save up for. I went to the Lexington Walmart and they had it for $30! I was so excited because now I have two babies who and it seems like I am always worried about their ears. Of course, it did not work at first for me but I called the number on the box and got a nice lady on the phone within a minute and we figured out it just needed new batteries within minutes. I have used it many time already and been satisfied with this product. If you are not satisfied the company will give you your money back! However, this product does not work if your baby has tubes in his ears.

I now usually do know when my babies have an ear infection. If they have been very congested for more than 3 days and I have had to blow out their nose it usually turns into an ear infection if my baby is under the age of two years old. Under the age of two their ear cannal is still straight and the congestion usually goes to their little ears. How to you tell if you baby has an ear infection?

Qualifications for Ear Tubes (according to our ENT)
  • 6 Ear infections within 6 months
  • An ear infection that last more than 6 weeks
Jackson was on the border line of getting tubes. He probably should have had them because I think he had two ear infections that lasted more than six weeks.

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