Sunday, May 17, 2009

Update on Our Playset

Jackson trying to put a screw in. He can be a great helper!
Jackson using the wrench on the level...
Scott and Charlie trying to understand crazy directions
What our playset will eventually look like...

We were so excited to buy our playset on May 7th 2009. I called Toys R Us and they had the Pathfinder Adventure Playset in stock and they had my rain check for $120 off which made it $379.99 and then we got an addition to 10 percent off for opening a Toy R Us credit card. Rain Checks are Awesome! We will be paying around $50 a month for six months with zero percent interest. We will close the credit card after we pay off the swingset.

I know many people who have gotten this Pathfinder playset and have been very happy with it (however, it does not have monkey bars). We were able to take the seats out of our minivin and fit it in. I know Walmart usually has it for $400 and if you call around many stores do keep it in stock. You can also open up a Walmart credit card and pay zero interest for 12 months.

So we bought it May 7th and our goal is to have it installed by May 28th which will be 3 weeks after buying it. Our wonderful brother in law, who is an engineer, came over Saturday and I think they are almost half way done with it now. Maybe on phase 11 out of 27 phases. That is crazy, but Jackson is so excited about it and is already climbing on the ladder and figuring out how to go down the slide that is up against the fence. Jackson wanted to help them so bad and he even applaud for himself when he put some random screw in the wood. It is also crazy to pay someone $1,000 to install it. I do think it takes 20 hours to put together.

We will also be getting baby seat for Abigail to swing with. I am so glad I sought out advice from friends and did my research. Thank yall so much for all your help!

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