Friday, May 29, 2009

Random Advice Needed

on my Sunday clothes situation.

I really need a cute white top to go with these skirts as well as a cute white sweater so go over the outfit since it is so cold at church. For some reason I cannot find a cute white top or sweater anywhere. I have looked at Old Navy, Belks, Ann Taylor Loft, and online. I have even started looking in junior section of department stores. Actually, I got both these really cute shirts about four years ago in a junior department (I just get the biggest size..haha). They are great because they are colorful and not too short.

Does anyone have any recommendations on where I can find a cute white or pink top to go with these skirts as well as a white sweater? I have many black sweaters that go great in the Fall but not Spring and Summer. I have been looking for a month now, and we are going back shopping Saturday night.

Ps-While I am asking, do you know where I can get some comfortable cheap shoes to go with these skirts?

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Merritt Pace said...

Look at Marshall's. I found lots of cute shirts there last week for great prices! The Marshall's in Irmo is in the same shopping center as Barnes and Noble and Babies R Us. I usually buy shoes from Shoe Carnival because I love their buy 1/get 1 1/2 off sales. Kohl's also has great prices on shoes. Happy shopping! ~MER