Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Update on Abigail: Five Months Old

Abigail is still funny as ever. Her laugh is hilarious. I really wish I could catch it on video. She has such a fun sweet disposition, a lot like my grandmother. However, Abigail has been fussier recently. Mother's Day really wore her out and she went to sleep (actually a coma) early with only have about 25 ozs. That night she woke up every 2 hours and we would flip her back on her stomach and she would go right back to sleep. So then she got constipated and now it seems every other night she is waking us up every 2 hours. She wakes up on her back and I know she wants to be back on her stomach. Today she has eaten a ton of pears and drank a lot of formula. However, overall she is more fussy during the day. It is just hard to get adjusted to because most days and weeks she would never fuss, not even a little. I am pretty sure she is already struggle stomach issues, mainly constipation. Her bottom two teeth also look like they are about to come through. Do yall have any advice on how to alleviate her waking up upset on her back?

Doesn't she look beautiful in her church outfit? She finally has enough hair where the bow will really stay in. Yay!

Added later: Her schedule:
7:45 am 6 ozs bottle (sometimes 8 ozs) Pears
9:30 or 10 am Nap till 11:30 am
11:30 am 6 oz bottle Pears
3:30 6 oz bottle Most days takes a 45 minutes nap after she has been awake for 1 and half (which Baby Wise recommends)
6:30 6 oz bottle Pears
9 pm 6 oz bottle
10 pm Bed

She eats 5 times a day. I am not nearly as strict about her schedule as I was with Jackson. Mondays and Wednesday she does not get much of a morning nap because we go to the gym. We are working towards just 2 naps by 6 months of age and her taking her night bottle at 8 pm and going to bed by 9 pm. I have discovered on the nights she goes to bed early though she ends up waking up every 2 hours and the nights she goes to bed late, like 10:30 pm. she has no problems. That is a mystery to me.

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