Friday, May 29, 2009

Fun Friday: Art Day

Friday is Art Day at the Wallace house. Before nap and after lunch I try my best to do an art project of some sort. Usually we just color. However, after Jackson was in Puggles last year I learned that kids still play with playdough. Yay! Ashley had them playing with playdough at the beginning of every Puggle Time. Jackson had no clue what playdough was so he would not play with it. I feel so out of the loop sometimes with my friends that have older children, I am thinking to myself that is so cool that kids still enjoy playing with playdough.

So I got some playdough but it was pretty boring for Jackson so last week I got an animal kit for $5 at Walmart and today we made animals. He was very excited about the elephant. I know the next step will be painting of some sort, but I am a little nervous about the mess that painting is going to make. Any advice on more fun arts and crafts projected to do with 2 year olds?

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Merritt Pace said...

Sam loves Moon Sand. The sets come with molds that you can use like playdough. I love it because it NEVER dries out! Sam likes it better than playdough.

When Sam was in his highchair, he loved to "paint" with shaving cream. You squeeze some out, he "paints" on the tray, then rinse the tray when you are done. So much fun!