Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pray for "Buddy Jack" Tomorrow

Jackson is going to the GI doctor tomorrow at 1:30. Please pray that the doctors will find out what is going on with Jackson. He has been on Miralax since March 15th and it has helped a lot but every 12 days he has major issues that I will not go into here. My pediatrician is concerned there might be a blockage, and she is also concerned that he might have a gluten allergy which would explain a lot. Jackson has had so many hard to discover issues (frenulum issues, bowl issues). Pray that we will not have to keep on going to doctors, but discover what his stomach issues are. Pray in Jesus' name that Jackson is healed from all these crazy issues. Pray that demons leave Jackson alone in Jesus' powerful name.

I am so grateful that a really great friend is going to keep Abigail during this time, and Charlie is going to meet us there.

On a lighter note, this picture is from our Zoo trip last Friday. My parents were able to meet us there and Jackson had the best time! I am planning monthly zoo trips for the last Friday of every month so we actually use our membership this year. Riverbank Zoo is awesome!


Merritt Pace said...

If you ever want company when you go to the zoo, let me know. Sam and I go every other week during the summer. I'd be glad to help you with Jackson and Abigail!

Emily Wallace said...

Great! Let me know what days yall are going and we will have to join you. Just shot me an email. Thanks for letting me know. It is a little much to go by myself right now with them both.