Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Pictures from Our Trip to Charleston-Grand and Gigi

The above picture is of Grand and Jackson playing ball on Folly Beach. We got this ball in town and it provided hours of fun for Jackson. The below picture is us celebrated dad's birthday at Molly's house.
Grand and Jackson at Charleston Crab House. They are really funny when they get together.
Grand, Gigi, and Jackson at the Charleston Crab House again.

Since we have so many pictures I have decided to post them in two post. One post of our babies with my parents. Tomorrow will be pictures of our immediate family. We came home and I was uploading some of these pictures and Jackson saw a picture of my mom and said, "Look, Gigi." That is a big deal for him. Each week he amazes me with how much he will say with his speech therapist (I wish he would work that hard for me!). He does well with his motor skills and fine motor skills. He can hit a ball with a bat when it pops up from a little device, catch a ball, and buckle himself into his car seat. More pictures to come!

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