Monday, May 04, 2009

Our Great Beach Trip!

Abigail's first beach trip!
May 2008 (Pregnant with my baby girl) Wow, a lot has changed in one year!
May 2009

We had a great vacation! This is our second annual vacation on my dad's birthday weekend. We are planning to go on vacation again next year during this weekend. It is a great weekend for us to take our beach trip because AWANA has just ended and it is not too hot yet for our babies. I did have to take Abigail to the doctor on Thursday because I knew she had an ear infection. Poor baby, she does so well I really did not know until that day that she was sick. I know she got her congestion from Jackson and I feel bad that she is not even 5 months old and already has a right ear infection (2/4 on the scale).

To say April was crazy is probably an understatement. Charlie had Easter, Easter Egg Hunt, T&T lock in, Hispanic Conference for an entire weekend, and AWANA awards. Last year, Easter was in March so it was a little less crazy. This weekend was a great time for us to step back from the craziness and enjoy each other with no tv and no Internet. We are so blessed.

Our Vacation included:
  • A free place to stay in Charleston at my grandmother's house (she is not living there anymore). Beautiful place near the marsh and a house that I have wonderful memories. I cannot believe I am bringing my babies there or that I already have two babies...
  • A great trip to the Charleston Aquarium
  • Shopping, eating a great restaurants (AW Shucks, Charleston Crab House, Locklears, etc.)
  • A beach trip to Folly Beach with a ball that bounced in the sand (we bought there) that provided for hours of entertainment for Jackson and a long pier which he could run down
  • 47 pictures taken...yes I am picture crazy.
  • My wonderful patient parents. We could not have gone on vacation without their help with two babies in diapers!
Hopefully I will have more picture up tomorrow but my poor baby girl is having her 4 month shots tomorrow morning and hopefully her ear infection will be gone. Pray for her tomorrow!

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