Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Best Mother's Day So Far!

Today was definitely my best mother's day I have had in the few short years I have been a mother. My beautiful baby girl was dedicated today at church and all my immediate family was there. Even Aunt Sandra!

Jackson makes me thankful for every little thing that we take for granted.

Abigail makes me enjoy being a mother. I love having a baby and some days I just never want her to grow up!

Abigail looked so beautiful in the dress I wore when I was dedicated and the necklace I wore. She also had the ring on that Charlie's sister had when she was a baby. She did great and even smiled up there! Dr. Estep preached a wonderful sermon. Probably one of the best mother's day sermons I have heard.

Charlie wrote the most beautiful mother's day poem to me I could ever imagine. I am almost too embarrassed to link it because I wish I could be half the women the Proverbs 31 women is. Words really mean more to me than any gift could. Charlie is such a great writer all I really ever want for him for gifts is homemade cards that he writes.

I am so blessed. I have always wanted to be a mother. I think I was ready at 20 years old. I have always dreamed of having babies and being able to stay at home to raise them. I know this sounds crazy but for me there is not a day I wake up staying at home that I dread. There were many days going to school that I just dreaded the entire day and wanted the week to be over. Every since I married Charlie and had our babies I have felt complete. Motherhood is such a high calling, and a life that is lived for eternity.

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Merritt Pace said...

I know that you were so proud yesterday. Abigail was precious during the service! She is so happy! Have a super week!