Monday, May 25, 2009

Movie Monday: Jackson and Abigail Speaking Their Own Language to Each Other

I really had no idea how Jackson was going to react to having a baby sister. At first, it was hard for him to get adjusted to not going to many places during the morning, but now we are out more now that I have the minivan. Really the hardest part of having two babies is that what is good for Jackson schedule wise, is not good for Abigail. Abigail needs to take a morning nap, and Jackson wants to go somewhere and always is bringing me the keys to the car and saying "go, go, go." So I comprise and Abigail gets a full hour and a half morning nap every day except Monday Wednesday, and Sunday mornings (she still gets two 45 minute naps in the morning on these days).

Jackson loves Abigail to death. He hugs and kisses her a lot. Jackson laughs at her, and they make each other laugh all the time. He is very gentle with her. They now seem to have their own language that they speak to each other and it is crazy but they seem to understand each other. Abigail really loves to squeal now she has become quite the character.

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