Friday, May 22, 2009

Fun Friday: Monogramming

I love monogrammed items. I always have. Now, that I have a baby girl it is crazy. Her room is basically done in a monogrammed theme. How can I afford monogramming? First, I have a very talented and creative mother in law who has hand made many decorations for Abigail's room. Second, is Jill Mason.

Jill did Abigail a nightlight and lampshade. Recently she has monogrammed a onesie, bow, and t-shirt for Abigail for a wonderful price. She does towels, bags, boy collared shirts, dresses, or basically anything that you get to her. She also can mail you items for a really good price. If you know someone who is having a baby girl, she is the person to call and most all of my friends get bibs and burp cloths that she does. Feel free to contact her and tell her I gave you her email address at Any other questions you have about how to get items to her just email me at

Don't you love this t-shirt, onesie, and bow?

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Merritt Pace said...

Love it! I love monogrammed stuff, too. I am lucky also to have a friend who monograms. I also LOVE the Chez Ami clothing line which includes monogramming as a part of the clothing price. The clothes are pretty expensive, though, so they are usually things that my Mom buys. Have a super week!